About Us

Austin Barber Shop is a family owned barber shop dedicated to providing our customers with a quality haircut in a comfortable environment for an affordable price.

We cater to men and well behaved children. When you come in the first thing you might notice is how comfortable the space feels, and the lack of the smells of chemicals or hair care products you find in many “salons”.  You might encounter the sweet smell of warm lather as we prepare you for a nice razor shave, or the steam of a hot towel right before it soothes your face and scalp after ever one of your haircuts.

Our goal is simple. Make your experience as pleasurable as possible because we want to be “your” barber for the long term.

After one visit we will know your name, what you like, how you like it, and will strive to always make you feel just like an old familiar friend. Why? Because after a visit, you’ll be one; plain and simple. Come see us soon!